10 amazing Facts About 25 Jan Revolution


Ten amazing facts about the January 25 revolution, perhaps you know for the first time

January 25 Revolution erupted in the day, Egyptian police Gala agrees, has identified that day by the political parties and the revolutionary forces of the opposition, led by the rival adequacy and 6 April Youth
There are several names for (January 25 revolution) where it is called by many names the following, the youth revolution, passion, liberation revolution, the people’s revolution, the white revolution
Repression and police brutality was the highlight of the main reasons why the masses of the Egyptian people to do (b revolution of January 25), especially in light of human rights violations marked by the methods of arrest, imprisonment, and murder
And other human rights and legal violations, We may recall how the death of Khaled Said, who assaulted him severely until death, in addition to the death of the young Mr. Bilal as a result of torture during his detention in SSI
The most important of the main reasons for the outbreak of the revolution of January 25 also, the spread of political corruption during the rule of ousted president, in addition to the high poverty rate, where there were reports revealed that about 40% of Egypt’s population living below the poverty line
Hosni Mubarak to the presidency, which lasted 30 years, the People’s Revolution of the Tunisian, Egyptian and continue on social networks such as Facebook
During the events of the January 25 revolution, hundreds of the Egyptian people killed, where the Ministry of Health said – at the time – that the number of deaths during the days of the revolution more than 365 people until the month of February 2011
While sources suggested that the number has exceeded 500 people, especially that there are people who were killed have not been identified, but the number of infected about 6467 people Fsad
The rebels arrived in the sit-in in Tahrir Square and several fields in various parts of the country for 18 days until they were able to drop the regime of ousted president on Feb. 11, 2011
If you have the trial of President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons and many aides and a lot of ministers and businessmen on charges of corrupt charge such as the killing of demonstrators in the January 25 revolution and public corruption and the looting of the people’s money
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